– WEAPONS POLICY: Weapons of ANY type, whether legal or illegal (guns, knives, mace, etc.) are strictly prohibited in the venue without exception. Patrons found to be carrying prohibited items by security at the admission gate will be advised that they can take the prohibited item(s) to their vehicle or not attend the show. (No refunds are issued for those electing to leave.) Admission is Only granted to those free of weapons and firearms. Anyone found in possession or prohibited item in the venue will be escorted from the venue without a REFUND. No Exceptions.

-DRUG USE POLICY: Any Patron Found Possessing Illegal Drugs or Using Illegal Drugs at Innsbrook after Hours or anywhere on venue property during show (including all parking areas) will be turned over to the proper legal authority and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. No exceptions.

-UNDERAGE DRINKING: All patrons interested in consuming alcoholic beverages must be id’d and wrist banded by authorized personnel prior to ordering any drink. Innsbrook management works in concert with ABC control agents to locate underage drinkers with false ID’s or those who have acquired wrist bands surreptitiously. Offenders will be removed from the venue and issued a summons.

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